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Gili Lampu, a Hidden Paradise Near Lombok


Gili Lampu is a popular tourist destination near Lombok Island. The small island is located in East Lombok, Indonesia. In English “Lampu” means lamp or lighting. The name was given because the island has a lighthouse that is used for helping ships. The lighthouse was built during the Japanese occupation.

In the 1970s,Lampu Island was only a resting place for fisherman who searched for fishes around. The beaches were only used as traditional port for fishermen. Tourism industry was established in mid 1980s. People from Transad village worked and cleaned the beaches. In mid 1990s, some small boats are used for picking up tourists from other Gilis or small islands nearby. Local people then worked with travel and tour agents. The result can be seen now, there are thousands of tourists from all over the world visiting the island every year.

What makesGili Lampu popular?Lampu Island is beautiful and it has some magnificent beaches.Beaches around the small island are decorated with white sand and also clear blue water. We have told you there is a lighthouse here that becomes one of the main interesting spots for tourists who visit.


When you visit the Lampu Island, you will find some exciting water activities.Many tourists love the island because they can swimin the sea without worrying big waves and coral. Most of them are wearing snorkel because the underwater life can be seen without have to dive into the deep. If you cannot swim, you do not have to worry because you can enjoy the beautiful views of the island. There are some spots you can use for it which were specially built by local people for tourists. If you visit the island, do not forget to watch the sunrise and the sunset because those are the most popular view here. Many tourists even claimed that the sunrise and sunset in Lampu Island are the most best.

Different from Lombok main island,Lampu Island is a quiet. You will not find many tourists who go there. Because of that reason, this island is perfect for a romantic vacation, including honeymoon. However, during school holiday season,Gili Lampu Lombok is usually full of students. In the island, you children will be able to play with sand while you can relax and enjoying the sun. Sometimes, the lighthouse is opened for tourists who want to see the beauty of the island from the top.


Though the island is not familiar amongst tourists, it has sufficient tourist accommodation that will make you vacation more enjoyable. There are some public facilities you can find here, such as changing rooms and toilets. All facilities are operated and managed by local people, especially who live in Transad village. To fulfill your daily needs, there are some small stalls that provide beverages and foods. To stay in this island, you can rent bungalows because there are no hotels there. It is better for you make a reservation.

You can go to Lampu Island by boat from Lombok or Gili Trawangan. Do not forget to bring your snorkel or diving equipment.

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