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Bangko-Bangko Beach

Exploring the natural beauty of the island of Lombok seems never-ending. This island does offer a variety of natural beauty that is very feasible to enjoy a variety of beach that stretches mainly in the north, south, east, and west of the island. One of the exotic beaches in the area of Lombok is Bangko-Bangko Beach. For some people, the name of the beach is probably still quite unfamiliar. However, when they set foot in this coastal region, they may be fascinated and amazed by the natural panorama offered. Moreover, not only the beauty and exotic nature offered at this beach, but visitors could also enjoy a variety of water sports activities there such as surfing and fishing. It will make you more comfortable to linger at the beach.

The beautiful beaches and exotic is located in the village of Batu Putih, Sekotong, West Lombok. This beach has white sand that stretches along the coast. The beauty of this look more attractive with their fishing boats lined colorful. The seawater in coastal areas is also quite clear and it is not surprising that the beach became a favorite destination for many local and foreign tourists.

Bangko-Bangko seemed to be a paradise for surfers. The waves in this coastal area a large, long, and dial-connect so it can be an attractive option for surfers to explore. Although today the name of the beach is not so well known among tourists, for surfers, this has become one of the beaches that are quite often discussed. Many surfers want to try their surfing abilities in the surf this beach. It seems that became one of the attractions offered by various resorts in Lombok. They provide a package surf in Bangko-Bangko as one of the facilities that can be enjoyed by visitors to the resort.

Besides being a paradise for surfers, the Bangko-Bangko Beach area also provides some of the best spots to enjoy the fishing activity. In the coastal area, there are varieties of fish with large sizes. One is the tuna fish that can be obtained easily just by sailing and fishing on the spot. The lovers of the fishing sport usually rented boats from Ampenan beach to enjoy the event. Visitors who may not have a hobby of fishing can still enjoy the fun to eat sea fish delights with buy fish from the anglers at an affordable price.

Visitors can also enjoy a variety of other activities in the coastal areas such as swimming and snorkeling. Although the beach is famous for the ferocious waves that are more suitable for surfing, you can also find calmer waves and soft white sand. In these areas, you can enjoy water activities with a swim. Alternatively, you can also enjoy snorkeling activities to witness the beauty of the coral reefs that are still awake and various types of fish that look beautiful and charming.

In the area of beautiful beaches and exotic, you cannot only get the pleasure to perform a variety of water activities. You can also try trekking or adventuring to Bangko-Bangko Forest which is a conservation hall for rare animals and plants. On the edge of a cliff in the forest, you can also find the ruins of the fort during the Japanese rule and its cannon. Being at Bangko-Bangko Beach is likely to make you get the perfect holiday, especially for you who like the activity in nature.

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