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Beautiful Scenery of Sendang Gile Waterfall


Sendang Gile waterfall is located at the foot of mount Rinjani, which is the second-highest volcano in Indonesia. The waterfall is located in Senaru village or about 2.5 hours from the capital city of Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara province.

There are two different routes you can use to go to the waterfall. First, you can start from rembiga–Anyar– Senaru, and second from Mataram – Ampenan – Pemenang – Anyar – Senaru. The first route will take you to the Pusuk forest where wild monkeys play in branches or just sit on the roadside. You can stop for a while there and feed them. The second route offers beach scenery along the way before you find the waterfall signboard.

You need to buy an entrance ticket to enter the waterfall area. If you reach the waterfall, you will find the mist which forms a rainbow. The water flow of the waterfall is passing a 30-interlayered rock steep bank that is covered by leaves and fern plants.

The waterfall is close to the entrance. You just need to walk for about 15 minutes. Because of that reason, this waterfall is relatively more popular than Tiu Kelep waterfall, which is located on the upper side.


Along the way to get into Sendang Gile waterfall, you will see beautiful scenery consisting of green protected forest. You will find some tropical trees such as the Ipil tree, Bajur tree, Sentul tree, and Jati tree. Though the location is full of wild trees, you do not have to worry about getting lost because there is a pathway directly to the waterfall. If you think that you need some help, you can ask a local guide to show you the pathway.

The pathway to the waterfall consists of stairs, but it is safe. However, you still have to be aware because there are stones around the waterfall. If you try to stand in a higher spot, you can see the crushed and flowing waters. To get a complete view, you can sit on the stones which directly face the waterfall. There are small food stalls nearby where you can buy a cup of local coffee.

If you want to have longer tracking, you can continue the journey to Tiu Kelep waterfall. You need about 45 minutes from Sendang Gile waterfall on foot to go there. Along the way, you will pass quite sloping stairs and shallow rivers. Many tourists who tried to take the trip said it was quite exhausting. However, it will be paid off after you see the waterfall.

Compared to Sendang Gile, Tiu Kelep is higher. It is better to wear a waterproof jacket to keep your body dry. There are big trees living on the surface of the valley. In the Sasak language, Tiu means pool and Kelep means flying. Those two waterfalls are believed as a cure for many diseases. Local people also believe the water flow will be bigger if people around talk loudly. So, do not forget to include SendangGile waterfall on your Lombok vacation.