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Padang Bai

Padangbai harbor is the biggest port in Bali and become the main gate to reach Lombok or Gili Islands. Bali is one of the most famous tourist destinations and became one of the mainstay tourist destinations in Indonesia. One alternative that is most often used by tourists to visit Bali uses the sea route. Most tourists who visit Bali will be taking the time to visit the neighboring islands that are not less beautiful and attractive, among which are Lombok and Gili Islands.

To facilitate that travel, each island port supplied Fast Boat crossings that serve as a means of the fastest transportation, easiest and most inexpensive to visit the island one leads to the other islands. One of the ports in Bali which is the most used and famous in Bali is Padang Bai.

Padang Bai is the port serving the crossing heading to Lombok and Gili islands directly. Padang Bai is a fishing village set in the hills located in the bay and located on the east side of Bali. This port is usually used as a transit point to the neighboring island of Nusa Penida, Gili, and Lombok island. The ferry departs every day within 24 hours to the port which s mainly a transit heading to Lembar port with 4-5 hours in the journey. If you want to visit Lombok and Gili then we recommend you use a fast boat to get more quickly, safely, and comfortably, we serve ticket booking which was equipped with free pick and drop depending on your hotel area.