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Denpasar Bali City Tour

Bajra Sandhi Memorial

Through this program we will see Denpasar City, Denpasar is the capital of Bali Province. The main street of Denpasar is Gajah Mada Street where the main shopping center; there are 2 big markets, Pasar Badung and Pasar Kumbasari, Pasar mean market. Both of the markets have 4 stories and are open 24 hours a day time the market is open in the main building, on the base and second floor for vegetables, fruits, meat, and daily food selling, third and fourth floors for textile and temple procession equipment. From late evening till early morning the market opens in the parking area.

Second stop at Bali Museum, this museum originally built in 1910 by Dutch Government. On 20 January 1917, this museum was destroyed by the biggest earthquake in Bali. In 1932 the museum again till today, there are 4 main buildings in the south pavilion has 2 story collection of prehistoric pieces, traditional artifacts, and some old paintings. Further north Buleleng building has a varied collection of textiles including endek and double ikat gringsing. Another building Karangasem has a Balinese calendar and priest’ clothing. The Northern building is Tabanan has many Barong masks and Keris.

Third Stop at Bali Art Center, this place is also well known as Taman Budaya, located in the east of the city at Nusa Indah Street. This complex is dedicated to the preservation of Balinese culture. Every year there is Bali Arts Festival will be held here from the middle of June till in the middle of July. The place contains the gigantic Ksirarnawa amphitheater and museum with an important collection of Balinese paintings and sculptures from the period of Balinese renewal

Fourth Stop at Balinese People Memorial or Bajra Sandhi, a new memorial built for Balinese People located in Puputan Renon field park surrounded by Bali Government Office such as the Bali Governor Office, Bali Parliaments Office and other Bali Government Departments Office, a huge memorial with the ornament of Balinese story from prehistoric time till today, the memorial also has room for exhibition and library. The building style (Bajra Sandhi) is taken from the weapon of Ludra God, the god who occupies southwest of Bali.

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