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Surga Beach East Lombok

Lombok Island seems to have an abundance of charm not to be missed. one of which is the beauty of the beach that stretches in all directions of the island beginning to the north, east, west, and south. When you visit Lombok, you should not only explore some tourist destinations that have been popular and crowded. You also need to visit several tourist destinations that are not too popular as Surga Beach is located in the East Lombok district.

The name of this beach comes from the Sasak language ‘Sorga beach‘ which is one of the natural beauties created by God and can be freely enjoyed. Being in this area, you might really feel in paradise. This beach has white sand stretches. On the left and right sides are steep cliffs that beautify the landscape in the region. Besides, you also can see a panorama of blue and clear seawater that adorned one of the tourist destinations in Lombok. This area could also be a perfect choice for anyone who wants to find peace and quiet because the beach area is still quite devoid of visitors.

The location is adjacent to the coast of Teluk Ekas precisely located in the District Jerowaru, East Lombok. This beach can be classified as one of the virgin beaches in Lombok because this area is practically untouched by human hands so the natural beauty of the beach is still awake. However, you do not have to worry about finding accommodation facilities in the area because there are two resorts available there. Restrictions on the establishment of resorts as well as other accommodation facilities in the surrounding area are one effort to be able to maintain the naturalness of the beach.

With more and more facilities built in a tourist areas, it may be even easier for travelers to enjoy existing tourist destinations. However, the negative effects arising will also increase, including their waste, which would undermine the naturalness of nature tourism.

In addition to the lack of accommodation facilities, access roads to get to the location of Surga Beach also require little effort. The road used as access to the beach area is not paved roads so that when the dry season you have to be prepared with thick dust or during the rainy season you should be ready for the muddy and slippery roads along the way. Although it looks terrible, you should not worry too much because the only obstacle is.  You are walking for a few minutes. Furthermore, you will see the beauty and exoticism of one of the beautiful beaches in Lombok. All tired and exhausted you feel when through the streets to get to the shore will vanish as soon as you can see the beauty of the beach.

Those who are interested and are planning to visit one of the gorgeous beaches in East Lombok should understand well the path you take to get to the beach. The beach is located about 72 km from the city of Mataram. You can use a private vehicle or travel. You can take the route Mataram – Cakranegara – Praya – Ganti – Sepapan – Jerowaru – Jor – Pamongkang – Ekas. Itineraries can be reached in about half an hour. Accents road leading to the beach is generally in good condition. However, you have to go through paths around 5 km before entering the beach area. Many people call this footpath a ‘road to hell’ before heading to Surga Beach, which becomes a piece of paradise in the East Lombok district.

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