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Top Spot Snorkeling In Lombok For Nice Holiday

Do you love having snorkeling for your holiday? Well, for the lover of snorkeling, maybe Lombol will be one of the heaven of it. Yes, Lombok is one of the well destination for holiday, which will amaze you with the well scenery. Lombok has many beaches, which offer special spot for having snorkeling. By the great choices of the spot, we are sure that you will be enjoy in finding the best spot. Here, we will deliver some choices of top spot snorkeling in Lombok for you. See the list and choose best place you want to go with your friends.

Gili Nanggu

Gili Nanggu Lombok


The first best spot to have snorkeling in Lombok is Gili Nanggu. Maybe, some people still don’t know about this place. Well, it is because there are still no many people explore Gili Nanggu as the destination of snorkeling. However, you cannot deny that Gili Nanggu has special spot for snorkeling. It has all you need to have snorkeling! The beauty biota beneath the sea is still original. There is no broken coral and the sea is very clean. People there are able to see beautiful fishes with a nice color. In other hand, Gili Nanggu also has unique coral, which will make you are happy in staying there. For those who want to have such as private place in snorkeling, Gili Nanggu could be the well consideration.

Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo becomes the second best spot snorkeling in Lombok, which you could choose. What make this place is great to have snorkeling is the very clean sea there. People are able to see what happen beneath the sea with their own eyes without diving. Of course, when you dive into the sea, we are sure that you will see heaven of sea there! Many fishes with special colors are available to be seen there. It will make your holiday looks more colorful. In other hand, Gili Kondo is also great with an exotic coral below the sea. Gili Kondo will be very crowded, especially when some people held events of snorkeling there.

Gili Sunut  

Another best place, which could be the special choice for you in having snorkeling, is Gili Sunut. Yes, Gili Sunut becomes favorite place for snorkeling in Lombok. Many people go there every year to do their hobby. A special matter of Gili Sunut, which make people enjoy their snorkeling, is the green-blue sea. People will never see the other unique sea except here. In other hand, there are some small islands, which become an original gate to cover the beach from big wave. The calm wave in Gili Sunut makes this place is also safe for children. Then, how about the condition below the sea? Well, you will see many kinds of fishes with different color there. Really, it will make your holiday unforgettable.

Those three places could be great choices when you want to look for the top spot snorkeling in Lombok. Please arrange your holiday time and enjoy your snorkeling in Lombok with friends and families!