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Seeing the Beauty of Tanjung Bloam Beach in East Lombok

One of the favorite destinations for most people is the beach area. However, you might want to enjoy the scenery and nuance of beaches are slightly different from the coastal areas. This can be answered when you visit one of the beaches in the area of East Lombok. You can see different things when you are on holiday to Tanjung Bloam Beach.

When visiting a beach, some activities that often do is play sand, surf, swim, or just sit back and relax while enjoying the sunset. However, when you are on an exotic beach area in East Lombok, you will find a variety of different things. No source mentions that the beach area is not open to the public and only a private area for Jeeva Bloam Resort. However, you can use an alternative way to get to the beach. You can get through the woods in Jerowaru that takes about half an hour. The size of the long journey, of course, depends on the strength of each.

Tanjung Bloam Beach was behind the forest and hill of Temeak Village, Jerowaru, East Lombok. Actually, this beach is also a conservation area of turtle habitat around the cliffs and is along the coastline that stretches from the northern tip to the south. In addition to turtles, this beach area also has a natural beauty that is so natural. When you arrive at the beach, you will see a stretch of soft white sand with clear seawater. However, the appeals of which more will be found from coastal areas are the panoramic beauty of the sandstone rocks that are truly amazing. You can see there are two sandstone rocks that flank the beach and it looks so exotic. The color of golden yellow sandstone rock with shades of black, irregular makes it so contrasts with the basic color of the blue beach.

The beach also has big waves typically are not friendly for visitors who want to swim or surf because in addition to large waves in coastal areas are also irregular as well as their various coral reefs will certainly be dangerous for surfers. Another way to enjoy the beauty of the coast is by trekking to the top of a rocky hill. From the rocky hill, you can see the view of the coastal landscape that is so cool. You can see some anglers milling around the beach looking for fish. In fact, you can buy the fish and burn them on the beach to discover the thrill of excitement on the beach.

To reach the beach area, you can spend time traveling around two and a half hours from the city of Mataram. If you have ever been to Tanjung Ringgit, you certainly will not be too difficult to find an exotic spot in East Lombok. Before reaching Tanjung Ringgit, you can turn to the right in a small street that can only be traversed by one car. About 500 meters from the corner, you can find a small pavilion that shows that you have achieved in the area of Tanjung Bloam. During headed to the beach location, you will get a view of the barren and arid region. However, if you are still confused, you should not hesitate to ask to the very friendly to visitors. Moreover, you will find all the beauty and exoticism different in Tanjung Bloam Beach.

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